Silver Leaf Yoga School


I thoughtfully got invited to spend a night at a relatives holiday house in Merricks. My first instinct after being invited was to search what the area offers in terms of yoga, I love experiencing new classes/teachers.The most suitable studio that I found was Silver Leaf Yoga School. Upon looking at there timetable I found that there was a suitable class time for the night I was staying there, 9-11  on a Saturday morning. I was very pleased that this class was two hours long, the longer the better I say. I arrived at the class 20 minutes early as I did not know the area and allowed time for a possible wrong turn, thankfully the studio was well singed and even though my silly gps didn’t recognize the address I could still spot it out easily. I was greeted by a friendly dog, my favorite type of greeting! Shortly after putting my belongings in the allocated place I was greeted by my instructor  Robin. I was pleasantly surprised to not have to pay extra to rent a mat, they have plenty of props on hand as pictured bellow. Image

The view from the studio is breathtaking and the studio is very fresh and well maintained  I was the first student in attendance and was welcomed to grab a mat and warm up. The class was very well instructed and easy to understand, an all level class which was very suitable for all levels. I was corrected in my postures multiple times, which I love and find very useful. After the class we were invited to a connected room for some cake/coffee and a chat. I loved this class and will defiantly come back if I am lucky enough to be in the area again. They also offer AntiGravity yoga which I would LOVE to try. Thank you for having me Silver Leaf!

ImageThese pictures belong to Silver Leaf Yoga School and are not mine.


The website of Yoga School:

Adress: 3361 Frankston-Flinders Rd
Merricks VIC 3916

It’s a new year.

My goals for myself. complete a juice fast. Go raw for a month. Juice feast for five days. Finish cert 3&4 in fitness. Start lesmills training. Find a fullfiling job. Go to a yoga retreet. Blog more. Photograph more. Write more. Start a holistic skin care routine.

work out 5+ times a week. Practice yoga 5+ times a week. Complete a food diary for the bigger part of the year. Take more baths. Paint nails more often. Meditate at least once a week.  Sow two items.

“There are always problems, there are always challenges, and there are always people willing to transform those problems and challenges into great opportunities.  Those who have the courage, commitment and discipline to do so, create a better life for everyone.  Be one of these people.  Focus on solutions and work your way eagerly toward a brighter future.”


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Spent the last two days sun baking and reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ .

Happy New Years!

This is to doing things that scare me. This is to trying new things. This is to living the life I want to live. This is to not letting people tell me I can’t do something. This is to challenging myself. This is to loving my best friend more and more every day.